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Hi it’s Justin Burke,

singer-songwriter and founder of Singr. My mission is to revolutionize singing lessons. I want everyone to have access to the gift of singing without having to pay the high price of traditional lessons. I used to be tone-deaf (I couldn’t sing on pitch to save my life), but the techniques and exercises I guide you through in Singr completely transformed my voice. Now, Singr has transformed over 1000 other voices (read a few of the testimonials below). I know exactly what it takes to get your voice to the next level. Singr gives you the most effective techniques and exercises for a fraction of the cost.

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Release the tension and strain that is killing your voice, sing with impeccable pitch, hit powerful high notes, dramatically increase your range, nail the hardest riffs and runs, unlock your radio-quality tone, sing in public with confidence, master your chest, mixed, and head voice, develop full control over your vibrato, and so much more… (read on below)

join 2,100+ singers just like you who transformed their voice with singr.

Learn more about Justin Burke’s acclaimed singing program SINGR below…

Honestly, I didn’t think this program would make a difference for my voice because I’ve been singing for years. I’ll admit I was wrong. Justin’s exercise sessions added multiple notes to my range in just a week. I didn’t realize how much tension I had until I worked a few of the lessons. Amazing. Recommend it to everyone.
— Sebastian V.

HannahSarah - Singer & voice-over actress


Justin Burke gives you every technique and exercise you will need to take your voice to the next level.

Every interactive video lesson includes in-depth instruction from Justin Burke and a 20-30 minute guided practice audio (with scales) designed to challenge your voice and get you the fast results you’re looking for. Learn more below.

I sang for a karaoke contest for the first time a few months ago and was laughed at. It feels weird to admit it but that really hurt and I knew I needed to figure this singing thing out. Justin’s YouTube video popped up and I decided to take a chance on Singr and I’m so glad I did. I followed the lessons for a month and entered another contest a few weeks ago. I got 2nd place!!!! Thank you Justin.
— Neila D.

Andrew - Professional touring singer, featured on ABC, vocalist for country pop group On The Outside

Lianna - University student

Justin saved my shows... I play shows just about every other night it’s how I make a living. I really felt like I was close to permanently damaging my voice due to bad technique. I’ve been working Justin’s program for 6 months now and my voice feels the healthiest it has ever been. I hooked a few of my vocalist friends up with the program too. I 100% recommend it.
— Trevon D.

Many students see results within the first week.


each lesson lasts 20-30 mins.

Every lesson comes with an in-depth instruction video from Justin Burke and guided practice audio (with scales) designed to challenge your voice and get you real improvement.

Students that commit to practicing with SINGR for 20-30 minutes 5 times per week get best results.

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Try it risk free. Your satisfaction is guaranteed- if you do the exercises and are unhappy with the results in 7 days, we’ll give you your money back. No hard feelings. Just appreciation that you are one of the few who has the courage to say yes to yourself and pursue your passions.


Here’s what you’ll learn in the Singr program:






Singr is by far the most comprehensive program. I’ve taken most all the singing programs out there. There are some good ones, but for the price you can’t beat Justin’s. If you’re on the fence about it, just give it a try for a month and you’ll see for yourself.
— Rodger S.
Okay so I wanted to ask out a girl I met at work (my now girlfriend) by singing her favorite song. Only issue is that my pitch was all over the place!! I saw Justin on YouTube so I decided to purchase his lessons with Singr. All I have to say is my girl cried (happy tears haha) and I am now pursuing my passion as a singer-songwriter. Worth every penny.
— Kace M.


  • How to build a following for your singing

  • How to make Instagram covers that go viral

  • The music industry in 2019

  • How today’s top artists became successful (what you can learn from their journey to success)

  • Exclusive artist interviews

  • 30+ bonus singing tips and techniques


about the instructor

justin burke



Hey, it’s Justin Burke.

I’m a singer-songwriter and founder of the Singr program. My songs have been played over 50 million times- which still shocks me to this day because seven years ago I couldn’t sing to save my life…


I vividly remember how people at my school would make fun of my terrible singing voice, and how painful it was to be unable to sing on pitch. I was a musician but my dream had always been to be a singer. I just never actually thought I could improve.

8FA0B633-D9BA-4395-80D9-593F1C8EE664 2.jpg

It’s funny looking back because I can still feel the embarrassment of getting made fun of when I would try to sing. If you would have asked me back then if I could improve my voice, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you heard my cringy first song I ever recorded (it’s on my YouTube- but please don’t watch it), you'll know why I thought that way.

How did I learn to sing? How long did it take? Truth is, I’ve spent eight years and thousands of dollars training under the best vocal coaches. I’ve tested every theory, technique, exercise, scale, and mental strategy that I could find.

F49AEE3C-79AC-4518-9C4A-67446808373A (1).jpg

“Justin- will it take ME eight years to get good?” If you’re just trying to learn off of free YouTube videos- it probably will. But if you follow a program like Singr, you can get noticeable results in the first week.

I have put into the Singr program 100 of the best cutting-edge techniques and exercises that I personally did (and still do) that dramatically improved my voice.

Facetune_08-07-2019-18-18-05 2.jpg

Today, Singr is transforming thousands of other voices, and many using the program have seen improvement in as little as two weeks. I want to help others achieve the results I did without the high costs of lessons. Traditional voice lessons cost an average of $160+/month (over $1900/year) and require a specific time and place.

With Singr’s 100 on-demand lessons and practice sessions, you have access to learning so much more, anytime and anywhere, for only $15/month.

Here’s to taking your voice to the next level!

I got this for my husband 2 or 3 weeks ago… I’m shocked at the difference in his voice. Justin kept claiming Singr transformed voices and of course you hear that and it goes in one ear and out the other, but WOW. My husband’s voice is so much better and it hasn’t even been a month.
— Aaliyah A.

According to Thumbtack, traditional voice lessons cost an avg. of $40 per lesson ($160/mo for 4 weekly lessons).

Singr gives you 100 on-demand lessons that you can access anywhere, at any time.

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After purchase, you’ll create a login so you can access the content at any time.


Can I cancel if I need to?

Of course. Just make sure to cancel before the renewal date, which is the anniversary of the day you signed up.

This is a great value, but isn’t having a personal teacher better than a virtual coach?

Many Singr subscribers say that Justin Burke, the instructor, predicts and addresses the questions they would have to the point where it feels like he is in the room with them, and they enjoy his genuine and motivating teaching style. The genius behind online lessons is that you can take the lessons as many times as you want until you have a mastery over your voice. Many Singr subscribers love repeating their favorite lessons multiple times and love that they are not limited to a one-time teaching appointment that a traditional lesson would allow.

I’m a professional singer, would this program benefit me?

Yes, there are many professional singers and touring artists who use Singr to keep their voice in top shape. The foundational lessons will give you a great refresher, and the developmental and expert level lessons will take your voice to the next level. Many singers have found that just the daily warm-up sessions alone keep their voice performance-ready.

I’m not a good singer, will this help me?

Absolutely. The foundational lessons will dramatically improve your voice. You will find yourself singing like you’ve never dreamed as you move through the program.

How do I know if I’m doing the exercises right?

Great question! Justin Burke goes over every exercise in detail and gives clear demonstration in his video lessons on how to perform them the correct way, as well as potential problems that could occur and how to fix them.

How do I access Singr? Do I have to download anything?

You access all the lessons online with your username and password you create when you join. You can login by clicking the “login” option in the navigation bar.



50+ hours of singing lessons + so much more