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You’ll hear an immediate improvement after this 15-minute sample lesson. Take 15 minutes to actually do the exercises in this lesson with me. Record your singing before the lesson and after, so you can hear the improvement. This is just the beginning to your improvement, this is not even scratching the surface of the content in Singr.


you don’t have to be “born” with a great voice

And you don’t have to pay lots of money for private lessons that many times leave you feeling even more disappointed.

How do I know that? Because I’ve been there. I remember when I couldn’t sing on pitch to save my life… I was able to transform my voice with the Singr method, but you may be thinking I was just lucky…

Now, Singr is transforming many other voices just like mine.

People are seeing such great results, check out what they are sharing on social media about Singr…


Messages like these come in every day.

Check out this video HannahSarah, a pro voice-over actress, posted about the Singr method:


She’s using the singr method and is making incredible progress! Super proud!

I think you get the point… this method gets REAL RESULTS.


check out a few of the skills you’ll gain by using the singr method…

“is THIS for real?”

I’m the first to take people’s word with a grain of salt… If I were you I’d probably think this was “too good to be true” too, but don’t take my word for it, the testimonials speak for themselves… Singr is the most talked-about and followed singing program on social media because it works.. You can even hear my music on Spotify and iTunes as proof of my personal transformation. There’s nothing to hide here, this is the real deal. The Singr method will get you the results you are after, faster than anything else. You have my word on that.

“why DOES THIS method get such good results?”


In order to tell you, I first have to share with you something very embarrassing…

Eight years ago, all I wanted was to be able to sing. I had no idea where to start. I was getting made fun of, even bullied at times, when I would try to sing out in public or online (I sounded like a dying cat).

I spent thousands of dollars so that I could afford time with the best vocal coaches and get access to the top classes and courses in the world. I went all in.


A lot of it was fluff and didn’t help me sing better. I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted.. I then spent years putting all the best techniques and exercises to the test to figure out exactly which exercises get results and which don’t.

After years of experimentation, I finally discovered the method that works.

After years of disappointment, my singing was improving faster than I ever thought possible. My friends and family started to notice, most of them couldn’t believe it was me singing, and they encouraged me to post my new and improved singing voice on social media… I did and the videos started to go viral.

I remember staying up at night thinking… “I can’t believe I found something that actually worked.”

Fast forward to the present, many other singers are using this same method to get a complete transformation like me.


And to conclude my personal transformation, now my songs have been played millions of times, and I perform professionally for crowds from hundred person venues to thousands… That’s not to brag at all, you now know where I come from… I’m no one special.

In fact, I’m far less talented than the average person wanting to learn, but I found the method and did the work, and now I can help you do the same.

you get unlimited access to 100 on-demand video lessons:

Each lesson lasts an average of 40 minutes and comes with in-depth video instruction. You can access these lessons 24/7 from your phone, laptop, and tablet.

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Why am I offering this at a fraction of the value?

I’m on a mission to teach one million people to sing. I remember how painful it was feeling incapable trying to learn on my own. I don’t want others to go through that. Singing has brought me so much joy and freedom, it should be accessible for everyone.

Get instant access

After purchase, you will create a login to access and practice the content at any time.

Cancel at any time, no commitments, no hassle.


We accept PayPal:


Try it risk free. Your satisfaction is guaranteed- if you do the exercises and are unhappy with the results in 7 days, you get your money back.


Watch how it works:


Access the lessons from your phone, laptop or tablet.

“What about traditional voice lessons?”

“Don’t I need someone to show me how to do it?”

Those who join the Singr program say that it’s like taking a private 1-on-1 with me. It’s like I virtually take your hand and guide you through the entire process. Of course, this is not a magic pill, you’re going to have to actually do the lessons, but everything is laid out so you will always know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it so that there is never any guesswork. You will always have peace of mind that you’re doing everything correctly.

You can try traditional voice lessons, but I had to pay upwards of $150 per month for two hours of content when I was first learning. Many times, I left feeling more frustrated than when I started. Depending on your coach, one intro lesson could cost you far more than the entire Singr program.

“Can I just learn for free on YouTube?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love YouTube and I love making videos, but it’s not an effective way to learn to sing. For my first two years of trying to learn to sing, I watched every YouTube video under the sun. I ended up wasting well over 100 hours and damaged my voice due to practicing the wrong way.

What’s your time worth? Even at $12 an hour, if you spend 15 hours surfing YouTube trying to piece together free lessons with little to no real vocal improvement, you’d save a ton of money (and multiple headaches) investing in a proven-to-work method like Singr.



listen to a few of my songs

hear my personal vocal transformation

I got this for my husband 2 or 3 weeks ago… I’m shocked at the difference in his voice. Justin kept claiming Singr transformed voices and of course you hear that and it goes in one ear and out the other, but WOW. My husband’s voice is so much better and it hasn’t even been a month.
— Aaliyah A.

Get immediate access and start your vocal transformation today:

After purchase, you’ll create a login so you can access the content at any time.



Can I cancel if I need to?

Of course. Just make sure to cancel before the renewal date, which is the renewal of the day you signed up.

I’m a professional singer, would this program benefit me?

Yes, there are many professional singers and touring artists who use Singr to keep their voice in top shape. The foundational lessons will give you a great refresher, and the developmental and expert level lessons will take your voice to the next level. Many singers have found that just the daily warm-up sessions alone keep their voice performance-ready.

I’m not a good singer, will this help me?

Absolutely. The foundational lessons will dramatically improve your voice. You will find yourself singing like you’ve never dreamed as you move through the program.

How do I know if I’m doing the exercises right?

Great question! Justin Burke goes over every exercise in detail and gives clear demonstration in his video lessons on how to perform them the correct way, as well as potential problems that could occur and how to fix them.

How do I access Singr? Do I have to download anything?

You access all the lessons online with your username and password you create when you join. You can login by clicking the “login” option in the navigation bar.